The Change Exchange

The change exchange is how we work with colleagues in low and middle income countries, through research, consultancy, evaluation and / or volunteering.

Principles of The Change Exchange

  • We work with project teams, translating behavioural science to make their project more likely to achieve its aims.
  • We take a robust approach to data collection so that we can help people understand the behavioural underpinnings of their projects.
  • We leave a ‘behavioural approach’ legacy with projects
  • Findings from the Change Exchange are pooled to answer underpinning questions about what drives the practice of healthcare professionals.
  • We use mixed methods, action research and user-involvement approaches where feasible.
  • Our scientific starting points are
    • Behaviour is both automatic and reflective
    • Action and coping planning are not often used in education and might help educators bring about change in practice.

Grants for The Change Exchange

Tropical Health & Education Trust and the NHS Global Health Exchange: Strengthening Health Partnerships using Behavioural Science January 2016 – February 2017

For case studies from the change exchange click here.

For news from the change exchange volunteers click here.

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