We could tell you but then we’d have to kill you….

In February, Jo and Lucie visited Porton Down in Wiltshire to speak to Public Health England about their infection prevention and control project with partners in Chennai, India. We met Prof Silman and Dr Vassan when we were asked by The Tropical Health and Education Trust to run a workshop on behaviour for their Infection prevention and control grant holders. Nigel asked if we would consider coming to see them when their Indian partners were visiting and we ended up giving an open seminar to PHE staff, discussing the IPC project and meeting their very inspirational behavioural
unit. PHE and their partners are training staff in India in responding to travellers who are suspected to have serious infectious diseases: ambulance drivers, nurses and doctors. It is a really exciting project and we are hoping to find a way to work with them. Jo saw the business end of infection prevention and control measures when, returning from Saudi Arabia, she was isolated with suspected MERS. A little bit of unexpected ethnography!