Our research projects

Our research is focused on understanding  the impact of health professional education and training on the practice of healthcare professionals.

What we study

We view education and training as behaviour change interventions.  This gives us theories and evidence about interventions that might increase the likelihood of people changing their practice after training.  It also gives us ways to understand and explain the routes by which certain training methods might or might not lead to change in practice.

We know that many healthcare professional trainers are highly intuitive about what might help someone implement their training into practice.  We want to capture the essence of those intuitions: studying them and exploring them at a psychological level.

Our research covers three broad areas:

1. What makes an adaptable and flexible healthcare workforce?
2. What supports the healthcare workforce to be able to promote self care?
3. What determines ‘practice’


1. Measuring the Outcomes of Volunteering for Education (MOVE): Does learning globally increase adaptability and flexibility of the healthcare workforce?
Funded by Health Education North West
June 2014 – May 2017
Dr Byrne-Davis with Professor Louise Ackers, University of Salford

2. Developing Tools for Workforce Transformation: When healthcare professionals need to change their practice in line with new services, how can education and training help them to adapt?
Funded by Health Education England
March 2016 – April 2017

3. BCTs in CPD: What behaviour change techniques do continuing professional development educators use in their training?
Funded by a GMC/ASME Excellence Award 2016

4. Psychological Determinants of Change: What are the psychological determinants associated with change in clinical practice after education
Generation of a database of evaluation data in collaboration with ENT:UK & Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)
Greater Manchester Critical Care Skills Institute

5. TENT PEGS: Helping the healthcare workforce talk to people about behaviour change. Current and future workforce
Dr Hart in collaboration with Dr Sarah Peters & Dr Anna Chisholm

6. The Change Exchange: How can behavioural science increase implementation of new knowledge and skills into practice in low and middle income countries?
Funded by Tropical Health & Education Trust
January 2016 – December 2016

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