We’re coming to the end of our 2nd week out in Kitovu – we are caked in red dust, exhausted but also buzzing with ideas of what our next steps could be…. We’ve been very lucky in having really a very receptive, dynamic group of RCOG and Ugandan facilitators to work with, and have already seen many of our suggestions for incorporating behaviour change techniques put into action. The focus groups we have run with Ugandan facilitators and delegates have been particularly insightful, and helped us to gain a more culturally informed perspective. We will be sorry to say goodbye to the majority of the UK team at the end of the week once the training course finishes – after which the real work starts for us. Over our final 10 days out here, we’ll be accompanying the Marcus Filshie fellow Felicity Illingsworth on visits to local health centres to see how previous graduates have got on since completing their training, and reflecting on opportunities for supporting them to make and maintain long term changes. And just to make sure we don’t have an idle moment, we’ll also be developing the behavioural science input into the new Masters’ Training Programme to be delivered in September.
Fiona and Nisha

About the Authors:

Fiona Gillison is Senior Lecturer in Exercise & Health Psychology at the University of Bath. She visited to Uganda in June and September 2016 as part of The Change Exchange.

Nisha Sharma visited to Uganda in April, June and September 2016 as part of The Change Exchange.