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Dr Jo Hart is a health psychologist and reader, and deputy head of the Division of Medical Education at the University of Manchester. Her research includes development and implementation of interventions for healthcare professionals to talk to patients about lifestyle behaviour change; methods to reduce prescription error; and development and evaluation of behaviour change techniques and measures in healthcare professional education.

Dr Lucie Byrne-Davis is a health psychologist and senior lecturer in assessment and psychometrics in the Division of Medical Education at the University of Manchester. Her research includes assessment of the benefits of international working and learning for healthcare professional development; assessment of health-related competencies; and assessment of behaviour and behavioural determinants applied to education.

Professor Chris Armitage is a Health psychologist. He researches and consults on behaviour and behaviour change and he is particularly interested in the role of the volitional help sheet in increasing implementation of intentions into practice. He is extensively published and has held numerous research grants from charities and research councils. He is on the editorial board and is associate editor for a number of psychology journals.

Professor Marie Johnston is a Registered Health and Clinical Psychologist, and Emeritus Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Aberdeen. She is a Fellow of the BPS, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Academy of Medical Sciences and Academician of the Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences. She conducts research on disability (theory, measurement and intervention) and on behaviour change in health and healthcare contexts. In 1986, she became the first chair of the Health Psychology section of the BPS and in 1992, the second president of the European Health Psychology Society. She has served on numerous BPS committees and in 1994 gained the BPS President’s Award. In 2014 she was named on the Science Council’s list of the UK’s top 100 scientists. Her previous posts were at the University of St Andrews, London University (Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine) and Oxford University, having completed her BSc at the University of Aberdeen and PhD at the University of Hull.

Eleanor Bull is a health psychologist and senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has worked in practitioner health psychology roles in integrated care teams helping public health and clinical health professionals change their practice. Her  research includes developing, implementing and evaluating methods and interventions to help healthcare professionals adopt new ways of working and strengthen health systems.

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