Returning from Uganda

Our behaviour change consultants Amy and Nisha have now returned home from their work in Uganda:
Over the past few weeks we have been incredibly busy learning about how the RCOG obstetric skills course in Uganda works. We have: observed two skills courses and two train the trainer courses; collected pre and post course data assessing knowledge and action planning; conducted four focus groups with Ugandan doctors and midwives and a photo-elicitation focus group with RCOG faculty; and visited a number of course graduates across the Masaka region to explore how they are getting on with applying their skills in practice. We are currently in the process of producing an interim report for the RCOG detailing the evidence of the behavioural science techniques we observed and our recommendations for embedding more behavioural science within the course. Nisha is looking forward to returning to Kitovu in June to collect more data and potentially put some of our recommendations into practice.

A visit to Ipswich

Our volunteer, Eleanor Bull, returned from a trip to Ipswich to meet people from both sides of the Ipswich-Beira Health Partnership.  Eleanor and our other volunteer, Diane Dixon, had created some great information to explain behaviour change and behavioural science to the Health Partnership leads and others.  We had some great and valuable input from Portuguese speaking Health Psychologists, Vera Araujo-Soares and Angela Rodrigues, who did some ‘armchair volunteering’ and (at very short notice) translated the material prepared by Eleanor and Diane into Portuguese for the Beira team.

Eleanor reported that the trip was a great success in terms of planning how behavioural science can really add value to the work of the Ipswich-Beira Health Partnership work around medicines safety.  Sarah Cavanagh, Project lead for Ipswich said “Eleanor has been absolutely brilliant and has added much already to our Partnership”.
Eleanor and a new volunteer, Corina Mason, will be travelling to Mozambique with the Ipswich team in June.

An update from Nisha & Amy…

An update from Nisha & Amy

April update

Our first volunteers will go to Uganda in a little over a week.  Nisha Sharma and Amy Burton will be behaviour change consultants to the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology’s partnership with Kitovu Health District.  RCOG run training and train the trainer courses to improve obstetric care and, ultimately, reduce the number of fistulas.
Regretfully, our trip to Ethiopia has had to be postponed after the Foreign Office issued an amber warning for certain parts of Ethiopia.  Although the area of the project itself was not in the amber warning, travel was through the area and our insurers decided that they would not cover our volunteers in those circumstances.  We are still working with University of Exeter in their partnership with Wollega Medical School but our volunteers will have to wait until October / November to visit Ethiopia.

We have developed a core monitoring and evaluation package so that we can collect and pool qualitative and quantitative data from each of the projects about behaviour, behavioural expectations and behavioural determinants.  Our volunteers will be taking a bottom up approach to thinking about what is driving practice and how education and training can lead to practice change.