Unlike organisational change management consultants we are experts in the behaviour of individuals.


Our approach to research is to embed research in educational evaluation so that, as far as possible, data is collected as routine evaluation.


Learn how behavioural science can help us understand and change professional practice.


We are behavioural scientists and health professional educators.

We know that behavioural science and health professional education have a natural synergy but that it is rare for them to work together.

With our co-development approach to research and practice, we get behavioural science into places where it can make a difference, we research what happens when people educate healthcare professionals and we influence health education policy.

Lucie Byrne-Davis

Lucie Byrne-Davis

Director of The Change Exchange

Lucie Byrne-Davis is an expert in the assessment of psychological determinants of behaviour and using insights to understand the impact of interventions to change practice on health professionals. She is a Health Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Assessment and Psychometrics in University of Manchester.

Jo Hart

Jo Hart

Lead for health professional education

Jo Hart is an expert in developing educational interventions for health professionals and in particular education to change practice. She is a health psychologist and a professor of health professional education at University of Manchester

Eleanor Bull

Eleanor Bull

Health Psychologist

Eleanor Bull is a health psychologist and senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has worked in practitioner health psychology roles in integrated care teams helping public health and clinical health professionals change their practice. Her research includes developing, implementing and evaluating methods and interventions to help healthcare professionals adopt new ways of working and strengthen health systems.

The important questions

We work directly with educators so that our research answers questions that will have impact.

A direct pathway to impact

We use our large, international network of educators and health partnerships to gather data, implement findings and influence policy: we have a direct pathway to impact.

Creating the science of behaviour

We are multidisciplinary, global and committed to translating and creating the science of behaviour.

Making positive changes to healthcare

We create learning resources so that educators and healthcare professionals can learn about what drives practice and how they might harness that knowledge to make positive changes to healthcare.

Emergency Obstetric Training in Uganda

The Change Exchange consultants, Amy Burton, Fiona Gillison & Nisha Sharma, with Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, UK and Kitovu Hospital, Uganda

Twinning midwives in Uganda

The Change Exchange consultants, Nimarta Dharni & Wendy Maltinski, with Royal College of Midwives, UK & Ugandan Private Midwives Association, Uganda

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