Our approach to research is to embed research in educational evaluation so that, as far as possible, data is collected as routine evaluation.  This is efficient in terms of cost and allows for high volume of data collection.  Our research questions ask what drives professional practice and what techniques are effective in changing practice.  Our research has impact because we are working directly with the educators, so our findings are implemented quickly.

Recent papers from the group

  • Byrne-Davis, LMT., Byrne, GJ., (2016) Understanding implementation of maternal acute illness management education by measuring capability, opportunity and motivation: a mixed methods study in a low-income country. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 6(3)
  • Byrne-Davis, L., Slattery, H., Whiteside, S., Moro, E., Jackson, M., Onyachi, N., Stevens, A., Hart, J., Surgenor, M. and Byrne, G. (2015) Efficacy and acceptability of an acute illness management course delivered to staff and students in Uganda by staff from UK. International Health doi:10.1093/inthealth/ihu078
  • McCarthy, R. Byrne-Davis, L., Hart, J., Yuill, G., Slattery, H., Jackson, M. & Byrne, G J. (2014). A feasible, acceptable and effective way to teach healthcare workers in low and middle income countries a method to manage acutely ill obstetric women. Midwifery 31(1): 19-24

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