Unlike organisational change management consultants we are experts in the behaviour of individuals.

A focus on behaviour and practice

Most CPD, and other forms of health professional training, aim to change the practice of people attending.  Sometimes this is following new clinical guidelines, implementing new local practices, changing the way a service is delivered.. the list is endless.

Despite the aim being behaviour change, the courses are not evaluated using behaviour.  This is usually because the trainers are from external agencies and they cannot directly observe the behaviour of the people they have trained, either before or after the training.

We measure proxies for behaviour (intention and expectation) and, crucially, we measure the scientifically proven determinants of behaviour – those things that make behaviour more or less likely after training.  By measuring these before and after any training, we can inform training providers and / or commissioners about whether that training is likely to change practice.  If not, we can say what needs to be changed in the local environment or in the training, for trainees to be able to implement change.

Unlike organisational change management consultants we are experts in the behaviour of individuals.  After all, it is individual people who are expected to make changes to their practice in order for organisations to implement change.

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